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How to Throw the Best Dove Hunting Party

We’ve got tips to teach you how to throw the best dove hunting party, sure to be a lasting tradition for you and your hunting friends and family members.

Preparing a dove field can be a pricey and time consuming proposition, but once the job is done and the field ready, you will suddenly be inundated with new fun-filled hunting opportunities.

One of those is throwing your own dove hunting party, where you invite hunting friends and acquaintances in your area to join you in your field for a memorable and profitable dove shoot. Indeed, preparing a dove field will get you more than just a personal spot for shooting birds.

Rather, a dove field will earn you new respect in the hunting community. It will help you to forge contacts with other hunters who share your interests, and it is a great way for hunters to meet buddies with similar interests in their area.

The primary key to throwing the ultimate dove hunting party is, of course, to plant the perfect dove hunting field. This requires some foresight: if you are interested in throwing a dove shoot this autumn, ideally you are going to want to get to work on the field in the spring.

The first step is to pick the ideal site for your field. Contrary to popular belief, not just any field will do.

For one thing, it is absolutely essential that your field is located near a potential dove roosting spot. If you are hoping to lay out your dove hunting field in a spot where there are no trees for a mile in any direction, you are going to need to reconsider.

There are other “amenities” that can help to improve the popularity of your field among doves. For instance, if there is a water source nearby, more doves will fly over your field and be drawn to it.

Doves are also quite fond of power lines – as cliché as the image of birds sitting on power lines is, it really is true – so if your property is crisscrossed by power lines, then planting your field near them or beneath them might make it a goldmine.

The next step is picking the crop. Hunting lore commonly dictates that sunflowers are a dove’s favorite crop, and that’s true. However, sunflowers are also among the more difficult crops to cultivate, and if you have no farming experience, you might be better off trying something less flashy like millet or sorghum.

After all, doves may love sunflower seeds, but other birds do too, and they will pick your crop over before it even has a chance to grow if you don’t follow proper – and work intensive – growing methods.

Once the field is grown, the fun part begins. Set the date for the dove shoot, build the guest list (friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances whose property you are hoping to hunt during deer season, etc.), and plan out the day.

In addition to the hunt, most great dove hunting parties are marked by a tasty pre-shooting lunch – with dove on the menu, if you have it – so make sure you have enough food to go around.

And of course, have your field prepared with blinds or other amenities for a good, successful shoot.

As host, be sure to keep tabs on the happenings and give everyone a fair chance. If one shooter has a prime spot and is maxing out his limit, take the opportunity to move someone else into their place. Hosts can feel free to join the action, but consider leaving your gun behind and orchestrating the party; you’ll get more out of the camaraderie and enjoy watching others get their fill.

While there shouldn’t be a need to play referee with experienced hunters attending your party, be sure to regulate if anyone takes too low of a shot or is otherwise endangering the people around them. Fun is one thing, but safety is the top priority.

End the event with another meal and some cold beverages, and hopefully lots of bird cleaning. Take the post-party opportunity to talk with your attendees and establish what are sure to be some lasting friendships.

And of course, start planning next year’s event, because now that you know how to throw the best dove hunting party, you’ve likely just started one heck of a annual tradition.

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How to Throw the Best Dove Hunting Party