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How to Talk to Your Anti-Gun Family This Christmas

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Here's a simple list of Do's and Don'ts for talking about guns with your anti-gun family members at Christmas.

It's one of the most controversial topics out there. Even among family, gun control can be a touchy subject. Because we know your family Christmas celebration is already awkward enough, here's a simple list of ways to approach the subject.

Find common ground

Any time you talk with anti-gunners, its a good idea to find some common ground. One easy area to do this is on the matter of safety. Both parties involved typically want their family and friends to be safe. It's not that anyone is disagreeing on that. Rather, it's simply the methods by which we achieve that feeling of safety on which we disagree. Also, agree that it's unlikely either party will change their viewpoint on the subject. That's okay. At the end of the day, you'll still be family. You would hate to have something like this have a negative impact on your relationships.

Let them speak first

This might be the simplest and easiest tactic for having this conversation. Allowing your anti-gun family member to speak first is not only a sign of respect, but it will also provide you valuable information. By making their case first, you are given insight as to the primary drivers for their positions.

At that point, tailoring your rebuttal to address their specific concerns becomes significantly easier. It will also help to avoid speaking in generalities for either position.

Avoid emotional arguments

It's best to keep the arguments logical. Agree that a good debate will not be about emotion. Rather, focus on logic and reasoning. Allow each party to present facts in an effort to make their case. This is an area where a well-informed sportsman can quickly dismantle the anti-gun argument.

Flickr / Snak3yes
Flickr / Snak3yes

Do not involve an actual firearm

So this might be common sense; however, some on the pr0-gun side often resort to a sort of show-and-tell with a firearm. "Look how safe it is. Touch it. Play with it. It won't hurt you." This is a great way for the conversation, and all of the festivities, to take a quick turn south. There are incredibly low odds this technique would actually work. Even if it is fun to see your family members squirm.

Avoid any variation of the "the spoon made me fat" argument

Do the rest of us pro-gun folks a solid by avoiding the old "it's not the gun; could you blame a spoon for making me fat?" argument. While it may be entirely true, it does little to validate the safety and value of proper firearm use.

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How to Talk to Your Anti-Gun Family This Christmas