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How to Skin, Clean, and Debone an Alligator [VIDEO]

Gator hunting is getting more and more popular, so we're sharing this informative video of how to skin an alligator and reap the rewards from your hunt.

Ever had 'gator? It tastes just like chicken! The texture of the meat is an interesting experience when you have it the first time, which will most likely be fried, but as anyone from the bayou can tell you gator meat is nothing to scoff at.

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This video from Florida Sportsman is a highly educational look at how you go from fully armored, just brought it in alligator to a nice pile of white and dark meat ready for eating.

Did you see the size of that backstrap? Jeez!

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One of the most interesting portions of the video that most hunters will immediately notice is that the alligator was not gutted prior to skinning, deboning, etc. The reason for this is an alligator has quite a bit of bacteria in its stomach, which can ruin the meat just by the stomach fluids spilling on it. It would also require you to sterilize any equipment, surfaces, knives, etc that may have come into contact with the fluid, which can be quite costly and time consuming.

It's also important to note that this alligator was likely cleaned thoroughly on the outside prior to the video.

Here is a photo step-by-step tutorial you can use for easy reference after watching the video. If you love alligator hunting, don't miss our exclusive interview with Troy Landry from Swamp People.

Have you ever hunted alligator? Would you eat/have you eaten gator meat? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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How to Skin, Clean, and Debone an Alligator [VIDEO]