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How To Repair a Tent Pole in a Pinch

How to repair a tent pole with quick and easy fixes.

Perhaps you've been there: you get to your perfect camping spot and you go to set up your tent but one of the poles is broken. You think, "wow, I thought this time I'd be able to sleep in a tent and not outside on a rock pillow. I was wrong." Well, instead of letting that broken pole beat you, conquer it and sleep comfortably with these tips.

Aluminum Repair Sleeve

These can be found at most outdoor and camping stores. It's a simple sleeve that can be wedged or taped into place over the broken section of a tent pole. It's a handy little tool to always have for camping in case you need it. It's a much easier and less expensive, however temporary, fix to a broken tent pole.

Tent Stakes

Stakes are a great tool to splint a broken pole. And think about it, somehow there are always leftover stakes even though you feel like you've staked down every piece of tent that touches the ground.

If something like a stake could save your pole, so could a screwdriver, allen wrench, or really anything sturdy. The factor here is having tape or strong string to splint the pole with whatever you wish to use.

If it really comes down to it and you need a quick fix, try using a branch.

Shock Cord

These are just a few ideas for repairing a broken pole on a tight budget or if you are out camping and can't get to an outdoor retail store. But what if the actual cord is broken?

If the shock cord inside the pole is broken or torn, here is an easy fix:

Find the two ends of the cord and feed them through the pieces of the pole and the ferrules (the smaller metal piece connecting the bigger pole sections) until they meet with equal tension on each side. If you have a couple of washers, place them through each end of the cord and tie a knot in the cord. This prevents the knot from slipping through the ferrules or pole pieces, as the washer holes are smaller and can provide tension to keep the knot strong. If you do not have washers, try to tie the knot as big as possible so it can sit between two pieces of the tent pole.

So there you have it, a few ideas for cheap, easy and quick tent pole repairs. Next time this happens to you, hopefully you can remember some of these tips and end up sleeping inside your tent and not on top if it.

Do you have any other ideas for quick camping fixes, perhaps from experience? Leave them in the comments.

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How To Repair a Tent Pole in a Pinch