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How to Remove Turkey Spurs in Under 47 Seconds

Here's how to remove turkey spurs this spring turkey hunting season.

Spring turkey hunting season is amongst us. That means more DIY projects to try when you bag a gobbler this spring. We've already featured a few DIY projects involving turkeys, but I figured I'd share one more for safe measure. This one involves removing turkey spurs.

Whether you're interested in mounting your spurs or making a cool turkey spur necklace, this video is for you. You can tell this videographer isn't an amateur either. He shows us how to remove turkey spurs in under 47 seconds!

Let's learn.

All these DIY videos are getting me fired up for spring turkey hunting season. That's one huge benefit to being a turkey hunter. After a successful hunt you have multiple ways you can display your trophy bird.

Whether it's a turkey fan, beard display, spur necklace, or all three, these birds will keep us occupied until deer season comes around. When you fill your tag this season, test out your skills by removing your turkey's spurs. Make sure you share your DIY project with us on Instagram by tagging @wospaces.

Happy turkey hunting!


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How to Remove Turkey Spurs in Under 47 Seconds