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How to Remove a Turkey Beard and Tail for Mounting

The lack of knowledge keeps people from doing many things. However, properly removing a beard and til from a turkey for mounting shouldn’t be one of them.

How many times have you messed up your turkey tail fan trying to remove it for a nice wall mount? It happen more often than most people want to admit. The logical step is to go to a taxidermist for help.

This video from McKenzie Taxidermy Supply, walks you through the process to save your trophy. There’s no need ot go to a taxidermist, when you can bring the taxidermist to you.

With turkey season either underway or beginning in the near future, this is a video that you can save and watch while preserving your memories of the hunt.

Having the beard, tail and even spurs mounted on the wall is about more than just a boast of a good hunt. It is the window to your memory vault. The mount goes further than pictures in taking you back to the tree line or field and dropping you in the middle of your adventure.



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How to Remove a Turkey Beard and Tail for Mounting