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How To Remove a Tick [VIDEO]

Here's how to remove a tick, described by the experts.

The same wise folks who created the Ticknado video also shared some pretty valuable info when it comes to removing them.

Check out more helpful videos:

The following are some tips for dealing with these parasitic creepy-crawlies:

Apply insect repellent with DEET before going in wooded areas or on trails.

Wear light-colored clothing and tuck pants into calf-height socks so ticks can be seen and brushed off when you go hiking. Hike in the center of trails to avoid overhanging grass and brush.

Inspect yourself after any outdoor trips, especially those into woods, fields or swamps. Check under your arms, behind your ears, knees, inside your belly button, and inside ears. If you have a bunk mate, take turns checking the backs of your arms, legs, and necks. Don't forget to pick through body and head hair, you know, like a chimp.

Ticks attached less than 24 hours are less likely to spread diseases.


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How To Remove a Tick [VIDEO]