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Mossberg & Sons Offer Tips for Purchasing a Great Duck Dog

Want to get it right the first time for that retriever selection? Have a look at these tips on how to purchase a great duck dog.

Mossberg & Sons give some pointers on how to purchase a great duck dog in this short video. It provides some guidance on choosing that most important of all hunting companions, the one that is going to bring those birds back to the blind.

Those were some great pointers from a pro gun dog trainer broken down into some easy steps. Choose a good bloodline of dog that comes from a long list of hunters and you are starting on the right path with the genetics. This ensures that the dog is ready right from the beginning.

Another important step is to check that the dog you’re considering is health-certified, guaranteed in writing. Any gun dog breeder worth their salt is going to provide this type of piece of mind up front. The dog you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be from some top tier of show dog bloodline, in fact you may want to avoid show dogs, what you want is a good dedicated retriever with a good pedigree in hunting from a reputable breeder.

Like any quality thing, you get what you pay for so research that puppy choice hard before taking that first important step as that dog will be by your side for many years to come.



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Mossberg & Sons Offer Tips for Purchasing a Great Duck Dog