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How to Prioritize Wide Open Spaces in Your Facebook Feed [PICS]

Follow these steps to ensure you’ll always see the best of Wide Open Spaces on Facebook.

Facebook users can now prioritize their news feed to make sure that Wide Open Spaces doesn’t get lost or pushed to the bottom.

First, if you’re mobile, be sure to update your phone’s software and the Facebook app to the most recent versions.

We have instructions for iOS, Android, and desktop users. Scroll down through the photos to find your preferred platform, and take the steps listed out to guarantee you don’t miss any of the great outdoor videos, news, and tips from Wide Open Spaces.

iOS – Apple iPhone/iPad

1. Tap the “More” icon in the lower righthand corner of your mobile Facebook app.


2. Scroll down and tap “News Feed Preferences” beneath the “Settings” bar.


3. Tap “Prioritize who to see first”


4. Tap Wide Open Spaces, which you may have to scroll down to view.


5. Make sure there’s a blue and white star emblem attached to the Wide Open Spaces page, then tap “Done.” That’s it!


1. Go to the Wide Open Spaces Facebook page, and tap “Following.”


2. Tap “See First.” That’s it!



1. Go to the Wide Open Spaces Facebook page and click “Liked.”


2. Click the “See first” option under “In Your News Feed.” That’s it!


Now you’ll be sure not to miss any breaking news, viral videos, or expert tips on all things hunting, fishing, and shooting.

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How to Prioritize Wide Open Spaces in Your Facebook Feed [PICS]