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7 Ways to Prepare Your Car for an Evacuation or Disaster

Your vehicle is one of your most essential tools in an evacuation or disaster.

Pack these items in your vehicle for preparation for an evacuation or disaster.  

1. Wool blanket

Sportsmans Guide

A wool blanket will keep you warm in any weather. At least one should be in every vehicle no matter what the season is.

2. Water


The human body does not last long without drinkable water. Make sure you rotate the water you carry in your vehicle. Plastic water bottles when in a hot vehicle can give the contained water an unpleasant taste.

Bring a good water filter along, too, as a back up.

3. Food and snacks

When your body needs food, you will not be at your peak. Make sure you have the right nutrients and power for the human machine during that emergency.

Ready-to-eat products can be eaten on the run. Dehydrated foods take more time to prepare but are light and worth the cost when you need them most.

4. Self protection


Yes, the human species can get down right mean at times. Take precautions to protect your family and yourself in such an emergency. This may be firearms where lawful or other products like pepper spray.

Word of warning: never store pepper spray in a hot vehicle as it may rupture and cause tears for all.

5. Tools


A good multitool is helpful, but a proper tool box will get you much farther. Make sure any tools for your vehicle’s maintenance are in that tool box along with handy emergency tools like a hack saw, an ax, wrenches, pliers and always duct tape.

Don’t forget fire starting tools also and a tarp.

6. Cash, extra clothes and medicine

These items are absolutely essential in any emergency. Make sure you are prepared for the current season and not the last one with clothing function selection.

7. A well-maintained vehicle

Auto Blog

Is your oil change current and the tires look good? Is your gas tank full? This vehicle is your life line. Make sure it is up to the task.



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7 Ways to Prepare Your Car for an Evacuation or Disaster