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How to Prepare for a Big Game Hunt [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ready for your first big game hunt out West? Check this handy guide first.

Whitetail deer take up a lot of American hunters’ time during the fall season, and elk, moose and sheep hunts are becoming more accessible and appealing these days.

But if you’re just getting started, or looking for reassurance that you’re preparing in the right manner, check out this wonderful infographic shared by the experts over at It goes over several things you’ll want to remember as the season gets underway.


There’s certainly some quality stuff in there. How many of you carry multiple flashlights and extra batteries? That’s one we’ll take heed of.

And of course, no preparation is complete without legitimate and thorough practice with your gun prior to Opening Day. Don’t skimp on that one.

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How to Prepare for a Big Game Hunt [INFOGRAPHIC]