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How to Optimize Your Topwater Experience During the Summer

Summer is here and the topwater bite is on fire!

Summer can be one of the most promising times for topwater bass fishing in Texas. Many things come to mind when one thinks of topwater fishing. Huge mouths emerging out of the deep blue depths that engulf your popper. Loud, enormous eruptions on the surface that raise the hair on the back of your neck. This is what keeps me coming back for more.

There are tons of tricks to the trade that can lead to increased performance on the water, when using topwater patterns. Whether it is the time of day or color of lure there are many different factors that can bring more success to your trip. Hopefully some of these tips can put you on the big ones.


Time of day, pays one of the most important part in targeting bass with a topwater pattern. Early mornings are ideal for having a memorable time on the water. Try and shoot for two to three hours before sunrise. Bringing a headlamp is essential, because it will help free the hands for changing lures in the dark.

I like to work the banks very slow and make my lure disturb as much water as possible. Deep, loud plopping noises is what your lure should be making. As the water warms up, you can start to work it into the main channel. If you can't make it out in the morning, the next best time is right before dusk.

Color will largely depend on the water clarity. One age old tip, though, is if the water is dark and murky like chocolate milk, use a darker color. I normally resort to black or olive in situations like these. I will also tend to move the lure a little more quicker.

If you are fishing in gorgeous, crystalline rivers that we all daydream about - you will be looking at using more realistic colors. It also wouldn't hurt to cast from further away, so the fish won't be able to spot you. I know that may seem silly, but you would be surprised! Bass can see you just as easily as you can see them.

The lures for topwater have to be some of the craziest things I have ever seen. With imitations from birds to turtles, there is little that hasn't been done. I try to stick to the simpler patterns, although I am sure the intricate ones have their place.

Hula Poppers, have been my go to the past couple of years. The way they move the water is second to none. The Rapala topwater selection is also a good choice, with the "X-Rap" being one of my favorite. Once again, when out searching for new lures, look for lures that will make a lot of commotion.

With summer officially kicking off, topwater fishing will be prime in the early mornings. Hopefully some of these tricks of the trade will help put you on some bass! Be sure to remember to hold on to your pole, when your popper disappears!


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How to Optimize Your Topwater Experience During the Summer