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How to Mount Your Turkey Fan and Beard

Save money and still preserve your hunting memories in a quality fashion by mounting the tail fan, spurs and beard yourself.

You'll not only remember a great hunt, but you will also have the satisfaction of telling your buddies that you did the mount.

That's right, be the envy of your less-capable pals by showing off your artistic side and mount your own turkey tail, spurs and beard. You'll be able to sit back and relive your hunt while basking in the glow of your abilities.

Just don't get too cocky, you're still a long way from a taxidermist, but you'll have the money still in your pocket and the knowledge that you took your outdoorsmanship a step further.

I suppose the only thing that would be better than killing, dressing and preserving you turkey and mount would be killing it with a homemade weapon.

Although, you'll not only impress your friends, you will also be more attractive to the ladies. Well, maybe not but you will be at least one level higher on the cool scale.


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How to Mount Your Turkey Fan and Beard