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How to Make Your Very Own Wicked Stun Gun for $7

stun gun

With a few tools and a few bucks, you can make your very own 1,000,000 volt stun gun. That’s right, a million volts! That’ll bring down Bigfoot!

You only need a few items and a little handwork to make this wicked stun gun.

You’ll need a four-pin rocker switch, a 4-volt battery, and a high-voltage inverter arc generator ignition coil. Those three items should cost you under $7.

You’ll also need a cardboard box about the size of a wooden matchebox, a couple of screws with nuts and washers, a little wire, a soldering gun, hot glue and duct tape.

First, connect the negative input wire of the arc generator to the negative pole of the battery by soldering the wire to the battery.

Next, solder a wire from the plus pole of the battery to the a pin on the rocker switch. Then solder the positive input wire of the arc generator to the other side pin of the rocker switch.

Then, connect the output wires of the arc generator to the two screws and nuts. Use a screwdriver to hook the wires around the screws and tight over the nuts and washers.

You’ll want to fit these components into the box, but first, make a couple of holes in the end of the box to take the screws. These will be your contact probes (the points of contact that deliver the shock). Hot glue these screws to secure them on the inside of the box.

Also, cut a small opening for the rocker switch. Insert the rocker switch and place the rest of the components inside the box.

Close it up and neatly duct tape the whole thing.

There you go! Finished in no time flat. This stun gun will put out 700,000 to 1,000,000 volts.

Check your laws and policies regarding the possession and use of a stun gun.

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How to Make Your Very Own Wicked Stun Gun for $7