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How to Make Your Very Own Plywood Crossbow

Are you looking for a really cool project?

Well look no farther than building your very own plywood crossbow.

Scrap Wood City shows you how to make your own plywood crossbow.

Are you stuck in a spot where you can’t shoot firearms without causing neighborhood panic? Are you looking for a project that will allow you to shoot cheap? Well this homemade plywood crossbow might just be the build for you.

Using 8mm birch plywood, Scrap Wood City put together quite a very interesting homemade crossbow. This DIY weapon can be made in your home workshop very cheaply. It also can be up-sized from the one made in the video to a much more powerful weapon if you choose.

As always, be careful with your builds and use caution when attempting to build such a weapon as this.



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How to Make Your Very Own Plywood Crossbow