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How to Make Your Very Own Custom Rifle Case

custom rifle case, plano

When you have a custom rifle case, you no longer have to worry about having an off scope again.

Remember when rifle cases were made of leather and had a a little bit of fabric on the interior? Do you also remember that you always had to question whether your rifle was still on zero from your last hunt?

Check out this high-speed video and watch how easy it is to create your very own custom gun rifle case to protect it when traveling or while not in use. It specifically shows a tactical firearm being sized up inside the case, but it’d work for anything.

Talk about having peace of mind, that would do it right there!

custom gun case, plano, custom rifle case
Plano Molding

If you’re anything like me, than you know what I’m talking about when I say that the ride to deer camp isn’t the smoothest. Rough roads and rugged corn fields can not only make for an unpleasant ride, but can also contribute to knocking your scope off zero for your next hunt.

Eliminate the chance of missing a big buck this year and check out Plano’s great line of custom fit hard gun cases. Featuring Plano’s “Pluck to fit” foam, never worry again about your rifle getting knocked around in the back of the truck with this insanely snug and secure fit.


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How to Make Your Very Own Custom Rifle Case