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How To Make Insect Repellant [PICS]

Here’s how to make insect repellant that doesn’t cost a fortune.

There are just six simple items to rid you of those pesky bugs.

This 70-year old family recipe has been used for generations in our family, it’s safe and effective, plus it’s pleasant smelling and great for kids, pets and grown-ups alike.

The only thing you may need to make this insect repellant that you don’t already have is the Dettol. Here is the list of ingredients:

  1. 1 Bottle of Dettol 6-12 oz
  2. Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka
  3. Dish Soap (Dawn works best)
  4. Lavender Oil
  5. Distilled Water
  6. 16 oz Spray Bottle

Mix 3 tablespoons of Dettol in the spray bottle. Next, add 4 ounces of Vodka or rubbing alcohol, then add 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap.

Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water, leaving enough room in the bottle to shake well.

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The last ingredient is the lavender oil, of which you only need a bit. Add about three drops to start, too much can be overpowering. Once all ingredients are in your spray bottle replace the lid and shake well.

Due to the fact that the Dettol is highly concentrated, this bottle will last you a long time. Do not use the Dettol  undiluted as it may cause skin irritation. This bug repellant will last in a sealed bottle for years, just simply shake it prior to use.

If you are allergic to lavender you can substitute it with vanilla oil, but not extract.

Share this recipe with your friends and family and let us know in the comments how much you loved it.

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How To Make Insect Repellant [PICS]