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Now This is How to Make a Traditional Bow

If you've ever looked at your bow and wondered about how it was created, you'll find this video on how to make a traditional bow interesting.

The bow and arrow is one of the oldest weapons and tools in the world. It has taken on many forms and has adapted to the people who utilized it. Today bows come in all different styles from ultra primitive saplings with a string to the highest tech compound bows engineers can imagine. Every bow, now matter how primitive, needs a special kind of craftsman to bring it all together.

Traditional bows are no exception. Traditional bows are simply bows that require the archer hold the full weight of the bow at full draw. The two most popular types of traditional bows are recurves and longbows. Within traditional bows there are varying levels of technology. A modern recurve like the Fred Eichler Buffalo series recurve is state of the art compared to a handcrafted primitive self-bow.

The most common traditional bows shot today are industrially manufactured longbows and recurves. These bows are laminated and typically use fiberglass in the limbs, a process perfected by Fred Bear.

Watch this brief video on how to make a traditional bow.

Maybe not what you had in mind when you think of how to build a traditional bow. I'm sure many folks who are unfamiliar with the process might think traditional bows are still largely hand tooled. On the contrary, our modern traditional bows have all the perks an industrialized world affords. As with everything the industrial process creates uniform products, faster production, and in the end a cheaper product.

With the kind of primitive Renaissance we have been witnessing the past few years, there are a rising number of bowyers out there who do make their own bows. These folks are helping to preserve knowledge of the past and keep traditional bow building alive. Most traditional bows however go through the industrial process in the video.

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Now This is How to Make a Traditional Bow