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How to Make a Proper Dakota Fire Hole

If you frequent the backcountry, the Dakota fire hole is one of the best survival tools you could know.

While the Dakota fire hole requires more work than digging a hole in the ground, it is one of the most important tricks to learn because it is one of the most efficient ways to produce fire.

Watch below to learn how to create one and feel free to practice in your own backyard if you have the means and space.

Requiring less firewood to cook meals or warm yourself, the Dakota fire hole produces hotter fires with less wood. This little bit is invaluable if you're stranded in the backcountry with low light and don't have the time to find a large amount of firewood.

In terms of convenience, also, this type of fire pit reigns supreme because it basically creates a small platform that is useful for cooking over and also beneficial for funneling warmth.

Have you ever created a Dakota fire hole? Did this instructor miss any tricks that you found invaluable? Let us know!


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How to Make a Proper Dakota Fire Hole