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How to Make a Magnetic Gun Mount for Your Pistol

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Forget about endlessly searching the internet for the perfect home-ready holster, just use a magnetic gun mount.

Other than when on your person, a holster is pretty difficult to utilize when you need to mount your pistol in a unique location. There are a handful of decent desk mounted holsters and even those can make it difficult to quickly draw your weapon.

After finding everything you need at the hobby store, you can make your very own magnetic gun mount in practically no time, that will be extremely useful for years to come.

Check this out.

Definitely on my list of things to construct. How about you?

Regardless of whether your weapon is connected to a magnetic gun mount or is secured within a holster on your belt, practicing your draw is extremely important if you ever need to deploy it in a real life scenario. Remember, always triple check to make sure your weapons are clear of ammunition and that any lose rounds are secured and away from the weapon.

Once clear, practice drawing from your holster and repeat until your comfortable with a quick and safe way to deploy your firearm. Practice makes perfect!


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How to Make a Magnetic Gun Mount for Your Pistol