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How to Make a Fire Piston on the Cheap

fire piston
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If you ever find yourself in an emergency and in need of a fire, you'll wish you had made a fire piston beforehand.

If you are one of those people who always like to have at least three or four backup fire starting options then knowing how to make a fire piston at home could be a huge advantage to you. A fire piston is a super easy to use device that uses the heat created by quickly compressing air to start an ember for a fire.

If you are a normal tinkerer and have some spare parts and equipment you can create your own fire piston for next to no cost. Check out the video below from "The King of Random" to find out exactly what you need to do.

It actually makes for an almost beautiful sight when you push down on the fire piston and a spark and ember emerge. Although this may be a slightly more difficult build for those who are novices to the DIY world, it's actually easier than it first appears. Just grab some acrylic and a saw and get to work. You never know when you'll need that fire...

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How to Make a Fire Piston on the Cheap