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How To Lighten Your Backpack

Heading out to camp can be tiring in itself, but doing so while carrying an unbearable load? No way. Surely there are a few things you can live without in your pack.

Don’t know what to give up? If you’re looking to shed some weight off your back, check out our tips for how to lighten your backpack:

Pack the lightest sleeping bag possible

We’ve read that hammocks can replace a sleeping bag, but the truth is, it gets cold at night and we promise you’d rather been in a cozy sack than shivering in a tree. Since a sleeping bag is pretty much non-negotiable, pack the lightest one you can find that can still provide the comfort you need.

Go for freeze-dried or dehydrated foods

These types of foods require little water to rehydrate them and can be loaded with energy-packing calories to keep you going on your trek. A good rule of thumb here is to pack one pound of food per person per day.

Keep track of what you don’t need and ditch it

Take a mental inventory of everything that went unused on your last hunting trip. Here are some things we suggest cutting out immediately: a space blanket, pills and vitamins, a guidebook, more than one extra pair of socks. The more you prioritize, the easier it will be to see what you actually don’t need after all.

Distribute the weight

After you’ve ditched all the non-essentials, are you still finding some extra weight on your back? If this is the case, try to spread out the load as much as possible. Try to alleviate some stress on your back by evening it out on your waist. Take turns carrying particularly heavy items. The more distribution, the better.

How do you lose extra baggage from your backpack? Let us know!


Featured image via Canyoneering USA

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How To Lighten Your Backpack