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How to Judge the Weather for Fishing

Fishing is one of those sports that gets true anglers out in all weather conditions. You should know how to judge the weather. 

Here are five tips to make sure the weather is not too bad for fishing.

1. Check your local radars to know what weather is on the horizon. 

Lightning may be lethal. Take no chances if there is any lightning in the area.

Denver/CBS Local


2. Before a storm, the fish will bite.

Fish oftentimes will be in a feeding frenzy before an approaching storm. Target these times and you will be glad you did.

Fish Chat/NZ Fishing World

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3. During a storm, fishing is poor.

Generally, when the waves start getting higher and the rain is beating the surface of the water, the fish take shelter in deeper waters. Surface-water fishing will be poor, but deeper-water fishing may get some results.

slecht weer dus2


4. Cold front moving in quick? Fish will slow down.

As the waters get colder, fish will become inactive and some may refuse even the best bait.

Unidentified Fisherman During Fish Harvest On Svet Pond, Trebon

5. Watch for high waves.

Areas such as shallow lakes are notorious for high waves and unpredictable weather. Keep your eye to the sky, especially in those areas.

Western Morning News/UK

Sometimes bad weather can mean the best fishing day of your life. Other times it can mean the difference between capsizing and coming home to shore safely.

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How to Judge the Weather for Fishing