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How to Install a Pistol Holster in Your Car for Only $18

The Yankee Marshal

If you have a twenty dollar bill, then you can easily have a custom vehicle pistol holster.

You name it and I've probably tried it when it comes to pistol holsters. Whether inside the waistband or outside the waist, we all know how uncomfortable it can be to carry a pistol over a long car ride.

To help make your pistol readily available and for your own comfort, check out this great pistol holster project for less than twenty bucks!

Talk about a win-win, that's awesome.

Drawing your weapon from your vehicle can be one of the most difficult places to do so, should you ever need to defend yourself. If you're drawing from a holster on your waistband, take into account that there is clothing, a seatbelt and possible a steering wheel that might get in the way of seamlessly deploying your pistol.

pistol holster, NSSF
National Shooting Sports Foundation

For more information and great techniques to overcome this situation, check out this helpful video from Sig Sauer Academy, great stuff!


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How to Install a Pistol Holster in Your Car for Only $18