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How to Hunt the Infamous October Lull

october lull

The dreaded October lull. Mid-October seems to bring some tough hunting. Use these tips to help you bag that monster.

Whether you believe in the October lull or not, mature bucks seem to spend less time on their feet during the day in the middle of October.

Right before the rut comes in ever year, hunters across the states begin throwing around the term “October lull.” You may not be sold in the theory, but it is no secret that the hunting gets tougher. Bucks go nocturnal, and your October hunts become long and frustrating. Instead of repeating the same thing over and over with no new results, give these tips a try.

Find those community scrapes that are aligned close to bedding areas in some decent cover. Place your trail cameras on those scrapes and closely monitor the activity that they are showing.

Wait for some daylight pictures of a shooter and stay tuned to the weather conditions to change. Once a cold front rolls in, you have a great opportunity to strike.

With those factors all in place, you’ll have a great chance at breaking that curse of the so called October Lull.

If that doesn’t work, stay patient…the rut is right around the corner.

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How to Hunt the Infamous October Lull