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How to Help a Snapping Turtle Cross the Road (And Keep Your Fingers)

In case you didn't know, here's how you get a snapping turtle across a road.

The Toronto Zoo You Tube channel has posted a video showing the best way to handle a turtle trying to cross a busy roadway. While the thoroughfare in this video isn't exactly busy, you'll still get the point.

Since the information in question was provided the 'pros' we're thinking that you can probably take it at face value, and since a lot of us have handled turtles in our lives maybe we'll see a few things we've been doing wrong.

First of all if you do see a turtle in this predicament and feel the need to help - be careful! Roads are just as dangerous for Good Samaritans.

Anyone who has been around a snapping turtle at some point in their lives will know right off that there's a lot more going on around their neck and head area than meets the eye!

A good point of information is the fact that their spinal column is attached right through the tail making it a no-no to grab them there. It's interesting that they suggest dragging the turtle across if you don't feel like you can pick it up at the back, but they qualify it by saying that these amphibians have skin more than tough enough to take it.

Since the video was posted by a zoo organization, we'll take it for granted that they know what they are talking about. Those of us that have been fortunate enough to have eaten turtle done right are the same one's that are aware of seasons, limits, and license requirements and will just as readily save a turtle that's moving across the road to lay her eggs as anyone else.


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How to Help a Snapping Turtle Cross the Road (And Keep Your Fingers)