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The Quickest Way to Gut a Rabbit with No Tools, Just Your Hands

This video will show you how to field dress a rabbit in five seconds or less with no tools.

Rabbits are an abundant game animal throughout most of the US, and the seasons are usually long and the bag limit is typically generous. The meat is high in protein and low in fat. When prepared properly, rabbit meat is excellent and some consider it a delicacy.

Check out the video to see how to gut a rabbit in the field.

Rabbits offer an opportunity to be hunted by spot-and-stalk, still hunting a food source or "driving" a field to flush them. Rifleman and shotgunners can each be successful hunting rabbits and bowhunters are offered a small and challenging target.

Since rabbits have a high body temperature, you need to know how to gut a rabbit to get the meat clean and cool very quickly to prevent spoilage. Getting the body cavity emptied of the innards and the meat cooled down can be accomplished in a few seconds without tools.

Ideally, a hunter can carry a soft cooler bag with a few frozen ice sticks. If you're hunting in the snow, the body cavity can be packed with snow to cool it.

As soon as you gut a rabbit, the ice stick or a fistful of snow can be inserted and the rabbit can be placed in your game bag. A game bag that allows for air circulation is the best kind. A mesh style game bag would be our first choice, since it allows heat to dissipate quickly. The skin and fur will keep the meat clean until you get out of the field and to a place where you can fully dress the rabbit and wash the meat.

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The Quickest Way to Gut a Rabbit with No Tools, Just Your Hands