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5 Foods You Should Grow and Preserve for the Next Apocalypse


The future is never certain in this modern age.

With the ever present dangers of terrorism and natural disaster it pays to be prepared. Here are out top 5 foods picks to grow and preserve in case of any apocalypse.

1. Corn

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The beauty of corn is that you may be growing it already, or your neighbor is. A whole field planted can yield quite a big harvest. Preserving corn can come in many forms, but the easiest by far is drying. Many drying units are available at your kitchen store.

You can also use the old time drying method of a hot attic or other spot where corn will dry by the power of nature. Make sure you keep the corn protected from insects or other pests. Throwing the dried corn into boiling water brings it back to life for your cuisine delight.

2. Potatoes

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The good ole spud has been a staple of diets since time began. The starch rich tubers keep very well when harvested in a cool dark place. Potatoes can be sliced and dried, too. Potato chips anyone? Make your own for the end of days.

3. Carrots


High in vitamins, carrots should be a part of everyone's survival garden. The harvested carrots do well stored in a cool dark environment and they too can be dried.

4. Apples

Clean and Delicious

The delicious apple makes a great candidate for survival preparation. You can keep them in a cool dark spot, dry them or make delicious canned apple sauce or pie filling.

The sugar content gives the apple quite a delicious option for survival food preparations.

5. Berries

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Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mulberries and any kind of edible berry you may grow in your garden or find in the wilds can be turned into delicious jams and jellies. The berries themselves can be dried and added to soups or other menus.

Many other food items and even meat can be canned or dried. Proper preparation of such items can be found in books and online. Do your research and you will have delicious meals while others are scrounging decades old military rations. Stay away from recipes that require freezing or refrigeration as power will certainly not be available to keep your food preserved.

Growing and preserving food for an emergency situation is both useful can be quite a fun exercise in self reliance. Get the whole family involved and make a game of it.


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5 Foods You Should Grow and Preserve for the Next Apocalypse