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How to Go Catfishing with Kaitlyn Woodward

Catfishing with Kaitlyn
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Learn how to go catfishing with Kaitlyn Woodward and then head out and put your new method to the test. 

There are many ways to catch a catfish but if you’ve been looking for a new method then you should check out this tutorial of how to go catfishing with Kaitlyn Woodward.

Woodward takes us through her steps for catching catfish through a quick video that not only shows each step, but does a great job of showing off the results of her efforts in a line full of catfish that will make for a great dinner later on. Check it out below…

Just in case you missed any of those, Kaitlyn’s steps of catching a catfish are:

  1. Get a fishing license
  2. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies (This includes a rod, sinkers, line, a hook, and in her case a casting net.)
  3. Throw out your cast net for some live shad
  4. After catching the shad, find a nice spot, grab your bait fishing rig, and cast out
  5. When the catfish takes off, set the hook and reel it in.

That’s really all there is to it. Go grab your gear and get out on the water today; catfishing is one of the easiest and funnest fish there are to reel in.

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How to Go Catfishing with Kaitlyn Woodward