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How to Get the Buck's Attention with HAZE Attractant Spray

HAZE deer attractant spray could be the ticket to successful buck attention. Find out how to use it.

Deer attractant comes in most diverse and hyped versions every season, and time after time the typical deer hunter is left skeptical and misinformed.

Urine attractants are especially tricky. Tons of products and companies make tons of claims, but it's just too tough to figure out exactly how effective something will be.

Until now. HAZE urine attractant is a relatively new product from Mossy Oak BioLogic Addiction, an aerosol spray with powerful, authentic scent particles that both stick to vegetation and travel through the air.

Find out more in this video.

The versatility of HAZE attractant is one of its strongest points. You can spray the stuff on your boots on the way to your blind or stand. You can spray it on vegetation within the vicinity or trail you specifically want. You can also let the wind carry it, and rely on natural scent movement throughout your hunting habitat.

Either way, you're likely to see an effect within one season of using HAZE, without much need to overcome a learning curve.

Easy-to-use and effective? That's what hunting products strive for.

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How to Get the Buck's Attention with HAZE Attractant Spray