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How To Fish Bass At Night Effectively

You sat all day in the boat and all you managed to catch was a sunburn. Why weren't the fish biting?

If you're sure you were in the right waters, it might not be your location that was the problem. What might have been the issue was the timing you were fishing. While nighttime bass fishing isn't new, there are definitely some tricks that can be learned so you can finally get the catches you've been waiting for. Here are a few of our tips on how to catch a bass at night effectively:

Keep an eye on the moon

When the moon is a quarter to three quarters full, a large number of smallmouth bass tend to feed. Why? Because the amount of light allows them to see, but it's not enough light to make them want to move to the dark side of the bank. Fishing during a new moon is also effective because although it's dark, bass tend to feel safe and will still feed.

Get a good fishfinder

Because of advanced technology, we're now able to fish just as well at night as we would in the day. The trick here is to find the right fishfinder that works for you. And while a fishfinder is always handy, don't neglect your senses. Keep an eye out and trust your instinct once your fishfinder leads you to the perfect spot.

Use the right light

Fishing at night can actually be a lot like fishing in the daytime if you use effective lighting. Make sure to cast your line in the halo area of the light right where it starts to get dark again - this is where most of the fish will be.

Fish with the proper lures

Go for the senses. Vibrating baits, rattles, big spinnerbaits and scents are the most effective lures to use here. Because visibility is low at night, bass' other senses are enhanced. Provoke and trigger them. Change your technique to match the time of day by really working a bait instead of firing it. Patience is key.


Featured image via Bartlett Boat Club

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How To Fish Bass At Night Effectively