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How To Find Bass in Ohio as the Weather Warms

Here’s some advice on how to find bass in Ohio.

As the sporadic spring weather finally gives way to the steady warmth of Ohio summers, anglers targeting bass will need to adjust their strategies. The female bass will soon move off their beds into deeper water and the male bass will be out of protection mode.

Although the spawn can be one of the most productive times of year for bass anglers, the summer provides plenty of chances for steady bass action.

As the bass move into their summer patterns, time of day becomes a major factor when deciding what to throw and how to target fish. The warm hours of midday drive bass into deeper water. They usually centralize around deep water with easy access to the shallows. Deep-diving crankbaits and flashy spinnerbaits can both be deadly on suspended summer bass.

It is possible to have fishing success for summer bass at any time during the day, but the early morning and late evening hours are when the action can be fast and constant. That especially holds true when fishing one of Ohio’s many farm ponds or smaller bodies of water.

In those types of waters, the hot afternoon sun heats up the relatively shallow water quickly and makes bass sluggish. However, before the sun gains its intensity for the day and after the heat begins to dissipate, the bass begin to cruise the shallows in active feeding mode.

During these times of day, a top water lure can be your best friend and provide you with the special kind of excitement that happens when a bass explodes on a lure worked on the surface.

Everything from buzzbaits, poppers, plastic frogs and more can draw explosive strikes when worked along the banks of any body of water. Utilize various retrieval speeds and lure types to find what are most reliably drawing strikes on the surface.
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If smallmouth bass are your target rather than largemouths, some of the numerous fishable rivers and streams can be great. Lake Erie should be on your list of lakes to fish for smallies too.

In the rivers and streams, the time of day still has an effect on finding fish. The moving water negates that to some extent, but the deep, calm pools that hold smallmouth bass still heat up in the summer. Shaded undercuts in the bank can hold some big fish during the day, but you will want to look elsewhere during active feeding times.

Areas of calm water that are close to fast currents and eddies are hot spots during the summer as bait fish and insects washed downstream are quickly grabbed by hungry smallmouth bass. Cast a rig with live bait or a lure that resembles the appropriate forage behind a log disrupting a current and be ready to hang on to your rod.
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Lake Erie is a Ohio haven for big smallmouth bass. However, it can be daunting to locate big fish for anglers who don’t frequently fish the big lake. Find out more on the fishing mecca that is Lake Erie here.

Although bass fishing can sometimes be difficult in the summer, with a little knowledge, it can also be one of the most exciting times of the year to hit the water.

One thing that every Ohio bass angler should experience is a muggy evening pondside with a top water lure tied on. There’s nothing quite like it.


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How To Find Bass in Ohio as the Weather Warms