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How to Fillet a Carp with a Sawzall

If you need to fillet a carp, you might as well do it with style...and power. 

Not many people like to eat carp. For those that do, they often all preach the same thing regarding how great carp taste. When it comes to grass carp, well they might have a point. These carp are a little different than their bottom feeding cousins, the common carp, because they only eat vegetation. As you are about to see, when it comes to questioning how to fillet a carp of their size, a little more power might be in order.

It's just a like an electric fillet knife, but better! Just as the Thinking Woodsman mentioned, it worth the extra effort to be careful when you cut because a sawzall will take the spine right with the meat of the grass carp.

I was surprised by how little of a mess the the sawzall made of that giant grass carp. You would expect there to be scales, slime, and pieces of the fish everywhere, but it did a real fine job. Perhaps that was just the skill of the fillet man though.

One thing is for sure, if you plan to try to fillet a carp of that size, you best bring your A game, and an extension cord.

You don't want that fish smell in your garage. Trust me.


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How to Fillet a Carp with a Sawzall