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How to Easily Tie a D-Loop on Your Bow String


Bow shops charge material and labor fees for things you could easily do on your own. Learn how to tie your own D-loop quickly and effectively here.

If you didn't already know, D-loops are the string loops on your bow string that you attach your release to for shooting. Super simple accessory, but also super helpful.

A D-loop might have been there when you purchased your bow, but depending on what you have, you might still need to put one on -- or you might just want to spice up the visuals of your bow and add some color to it.

Watch and learn.

Bow season is super close, which means you are fine-tuning your bows for adjustments and getting them ready for season. By now, most hunters have been shooting for weeks and possibly months, but some are still getting their setup ready. Don't wait in line at the local bow shop to pay for something you can easily do yourself.

Three important tips I want to leave you with before you go:

  1. Make sure you have your knocking point set when you tie on the D-loop. This is where the arrow knocks at a level plane so that when the bow fires, the arrow has a level flight plane.
  2. Make sure the rope ends are rounded enough, so they won't slip through once the bow string is pulled when drawing back. Give some test tugs the first time to double-check, so you don't dry fire and ruin your equipment.
  3. Make sure the loop has enough room for your release to fit, but not so much room that it effects your draw length.

Buy some colored string to give your bow some flare, follow these simple steps and you'll be ready to rock. Best of luck out there and shoot straight!

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How to Easily Tie a D-Loop on Your Bow String