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How to Debone and Roll an Entire Turkey for the Oven

Looking for a new way to cook your hard-earned spring gobbler? Debone and roll it, then roast it in the oven.

By following the surprisingly easy instructions in the video, you can debone and roll an entire turkey. The process leaves the skin intact to hold in the natural juices and you don't have to worry about bones while devouring that tasty bird.

Watch the video to see how easy it is and if this is something you'd like to try this spring.

To get the bird ready to debone and roll, you'll need to pluck and gut it first. Using a VERY sharp flexible knife will make the process easier, as will taking your time to avoid poking holes in the skin.

It's amazing how similar the deboning process for a turkey is to the process for hooved large game animals. In either case, knowing the animal's anatomy is a huge help and turkey hunters, particularly bowhunters, should know this already.

I'm always reluctant to use a wild turkey that I've harvested on a new recipe, especially one like this that requires the use of the whole bird. However, this one looks pretty darn good and I might give it a whirl this spring... if I'm fortunate enough to down a gobbler.


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How to Debone and Roll an Entire Turkey for the Oven