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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen for Backcountry Camping

Backcountry camping is a necessity for every season, whether it’s to find elusive streams in the summer or heading out for coyotes or a skiing trip in the winter.

Backcountry camping isn’t for the faint of heart, and a successful trip requires precision packing and an unwavering sense of adventure, even when the unexpected happens. While I lived in Colorado, I knew plenty of friends who would head out to the backcountry for the perfect ski trip or would head up high into the mountains near Leadville for backcountry coyote or elk hunting.

This always led me to wonder what they were eating for those days at a time, and when I discovered it was cans o’ beans and granola bars, my heart felt sad for them. So this handy infographic from Fix is dedicated to all of the backcountry enthusiasts who deserve more in their diets than just dehydrated apple slices and cold oatmeal!


So while the prospect of a backcountry seems farfetched to pack, all of the ingredients you need can easily be planned and prepped before leaving the comfort of your warm kitchen.

A solid stove and a single pan can change your life, and there are great options available at any outdoor supply store for a fairly reasonable price for the avid backcountry enthusiast. Add your pocket knife, which you should be carrying anyways, a spoon, and a plastic, flexible cutting board that you can roll away is perfect.

Want another pro tip? Tuck your map into the rolled cutting board to protect it from water splashes and slide it into the side of your backpack for easy access. While this isn’t a great idea if it’s raining as the water will seep inside, it’ll keep your map from getting crinkled into oblivion otherwise.

So backcountry friends, go forth and conquer! Your growling stomach will thank you.

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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen for Backcountry Camping