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How to Construct an Awesome Antler Lamp

The Sticks Outfitter

No need to drool over someone else’s antler lamp when you can make your very own.

Antler art is something that hunters, outdoorsmen and even interior designers love to drool over. Their unique designs and shapes ensure that your lamp, chandelier or piece of antler art will be one of a kind.

If you have some loose antlers laying around, here’s a quick and easy way to turn them into an awesome antler lamp!

I’m thinking about one for each room, too many?

Other than just loose sheds that you may have found during the off-season, repurposing old european skull mounts or old taxidermy works great for these types of projects. Regardless of how good you are about maintaining old shoulder mounts, many times you just can’t stop the innevitable from happening. So before you go to throw away that old mount, take a bone saw, cut off the antlers and put them to good use on a project like this one!

Good luck and be sure to post your finished antler lamp pictures!



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How to Construct an Awesome Antler Lamp