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How to Choose the Right Drop Shot Rod

drop shot rod

Looking for a new drop shot rod? Here's what you need to factor in.

Fishing with a drop shot rig is effective for many different species. It excels in tough fishing conditions and will still catch a fair share when the fishing is good. Having the right rod, reel, line and terminal tackle is essential. Here's what I look for when selecting a drop shot rod.


This comes down to personal preference as well as the height of an angler. Ideally, a drop shot rod should be around seven feet long to allow for long casts. A slightly shorter or longer rod will do, and again, it comes down to personal preference.

drop shot rod


There are several different rod actions available to anglers, and you can use everything from a slow action to an extra fast action. The term "action" refers to how the rod bends and where the bend begins. For drop shot fishing, a fast action is ideal. Most of the rod bend is near the top of the rod, allowing for some backbone to fight fish. This action also helps with bait movement, as drop shot fishing depends on your rod to impart the action of your soft plastic baits.


Power, or lack thereof, is important. The perfect drop shot rod should be limber and capable of casting a small, lightweight rig a long distance. The rod should also have enough flex to handle a big fish surging on light line. An ideal power is Medium Light, as it will allow all of the above.

drop shot rod

Line and Lure Rating

Typically, drop shot fishing is a light line technique. Spinning tackle with line less than ten pounds and weights of around ¼ oz. will determine which rod is best. A rod with a line rating of somewhere around 4-10lb will be good enough. The same can be said of a rod capable of handling light drop shot weights.

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How to Choose the Right Drop Shot Rod