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How to Choose a Tent for Your Growing Family

When you buy a quality tent, you want to make sure it will last through everything. 

What’s everything? Well, weather, terrain, packing, and a growing family. As camping is becoming a more popular family activity than ever, it’s important to have quality gear that will grow with your family. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a tent only to have it collect dust in your garage because it doesn’t fit the entire brood.

Here are the two most important considerations for choosing a tent for your growing family to ensure that you can always go camping with the whole gang, no matter how last minute the trip is!

Cabela’s is your best bet for a huge variety of tent styles to fit your needs.

1. Size


If you’re an avidbackpacker, size was your most important consideration for a whole different reason. When you’re choosing a tent for one to two people that can easily fit into your pack, you want the smallest and lightest tent possible. Luckily, those are fairly easy to find. However, when you’re choosing a tent for your growing family, you’ll want the tent that has the most potential in terms of size.

Gone are the days of hiking into the backcountry (at least until the youngsters are old enough!), so set your sights on the tent that can grow with you. It doesn’t matter how heavy it is, you’re basically going to be car camping from here on out. Choose a tent with a lot of room on the floor and height in the design. You’ll need enough room to fit your family comfortably, especially in case the weather is bad.

The tent with the most interior space is your answer. You’ll be camping with kiddos, you’re going to need more room for gear than you’ve ever imagined possible.

2. Intuitive set up


Let’s get serious: the minute you arrive at the campsite, the youngsters (and you) will be anxious to get outside of the car immediately. Don’t waste your time fiddling with a tent that promises the most compact breakdown ever – often times, those are the hardest tents to set up. A tent that you can set up without bringing the directions booklet is best. These tents will typically only take two people to set up (a parent double team, if you will), and will be up in a matter of minutes.

A tent that includes collapsible poles and easy snaps is exactly what you’re looking for, and you’ll be grateful for all of the time you’ve saved when you get out there.


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How to Choose a Tent for Your Growing Family