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How To Choose a Hunting Bow: Bringing It All Together

If you want to know how to choose a hunting bow, here’s how it all comes together.

In case you missed it, I explained the five different features to consider when choosing a compound bow for hunting here.

With those five things front of mind, I will explain how each of them affects the other, and how to put it all together to choose the best bow for you.

It’s important to understand how each of those aspects affects both your ability to shoot the bow as well as its accuracy. Compound bows are divided into two categories: single cam and double cam. While single cam bows are generally smoother to shoot, double cam bows are usually faster.

A smooth shooting bow generates very little recoil, and a fast bow generates a high arrow speed. As a general rule, smooth equals accurate, so smooth shooting bows are most highly prized by target shooters.

Fast shooting bows are ideal for hunters because they have a flatter arrow trajectory.

Smoother bows generally produce less arrow speed because they have either a Deflex or a moderately Reflexed riser, a relatively long Brace Height, and/or a long axle-to-axle length.

Faster bows have noticeably Reflexed risers and short brace heights and also tend to generate more recoil. That, as we know, can adversely affect accuracy, but a faster bow generates greater arrow speed and thus, less precise range estimation is required.

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Before purchasing a bow, my advice is to make sure to actually shoot each bow that you are considering. It’s simple, but I believe that you will be quite surprised by the differences between them.

Last, although there are many different bow manufacturers in the market today, both Mathews and Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) are widely considered to be the top of the line brand names with companies such as Hoyt, Bear, Jennings, and many others also producing excellent quality compound bows as well.

They say forewarned is forearmed and thus, I warn you now that bowhunting is extremely addictive, and that it may very well cause you to give up your rifle altogether!

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How To Choose a Hunting Bow: Bringing It All Together