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How to Choose a Bolt-Action Deer Rifle That's Right for You

Choosing a bolt-action deer rifle shouldn't be a complicated process and these guys help navigate the choices.

The staff of Unloaded Gun Reviews goes over the basics of choosing the right bolt-action deer rifle for your hunting needs.

There are a ton of choices, but the good news is if you buy from a reputable manufacturer, you are going to get a dependable and accurate rifle.

My first rifle was a .30-06 Remington 700 and it is still my gun of choice for deer hunting. For my son, I got him a .243 Savage, a much lighter bullet but an excellent starter for youth hunters due to its lighter recoil.

For whitetail hunting you don't need a large magnum caliber, you will do just fine with any of the popular ammo from .243, 270, .308 and up to .30-06. Why deal with extra recoil if you don't have too, especially if you have a smaller build? The key is accurate shooting and good round placement on the animal's vitals to put it down efficiently.

Pick out a classic bolt-action rifle with some good optics and be ready for some great deer hunting this season.

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How to Choose a Bolt-Action Deer Rifle That's Right for You