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How to Cape Out a Dall Sheep On the Side of a Mountain

Steven Rinella - MeatEater

They make this mountainside work look like a walk in the park.

Everything about sheep hunting is difficult. The terrain, altitude, inclement weather, and long range shots make being successful on harvesting a mature sheep not exactly an easy thing. If you’re successful on making a great shot, then the real work has only just begun.

Tag along with the team from MeatEater as they show us how to easily cape out a Dall sheep on the side of a mountain. This is incredible and badass all at the same time.

Way to get the job done guys, that’s not an easy task!

I don’t know about you, but sheep hunting is definitely on my bucket list of all time excursions. Just when you thought that hunting whitetails was challenging enough time, pursuing sheep over the peaks of mountains during some of the harshest weather and taking some incredibly long range shots ups the ante on the challenge meter.

For all things sheep hunting and to watch some seriously inspirational stories from a group of devoted hunters, be sure to check out the team at Sheep Shape TV. Simply put, they’re an extraordinary group of people that are inspiring to watch, listen to, and learn from.


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How to Cape Out a Dall Sheep On the Side of a Mountain