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How to Calibrate Line Counter Reels [VIDEO]

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this tip will help you dial in your trolling bite.

Have you ever wondered why one rod outperforms another, even though you run the same lure at the same distance back?


Most people assume all line counter reels are accurate when they come out of the box. All line counter reels leave the factory calibrated differently, however most are commonly figured at a .42mm, 15-pound monofilament, with the spool full. Every time you lose line from the full spool, your line counter reading becomes more inaccurate. It is important to re-calibrate it a few times a year.

Calibrating your reels only takes a few minutes. You’ll be amazed by how far off your reels can get if you have never calibrated them. Trust me, I was.

This tip will help you catch more fish and spend less time trying to figure out something you already know. Wouldn’t you prefer to have two or four rods getting all the action, instead of just the accurate one?

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How to Calibrate Line Counter Reels [VIDEO]