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How to Butcher a Pheasant in Under 2 Minutes

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Here's how to quickly and efficiently butcher pheasant for the oven in less than two minutes, and quail in under a minute. Set your stopwatch.

Shawn Woods illustrates how to quickly (and I mean quickly) butcher a pheasant and a quail. He does the pheasant in under two minutes and the quail in less than a minute.

He also saves the maximum amount of meat on the birds, including the legs and wings.

He makes six cuts with his knife on the large bird: one at the lower part of each drumstick, one each at the midway point on the wings, the head and the tail.

He circles with a blade just below the knee joint at each leg, then twists and cuts the leg off. Next, he finds the wing joint where the primary feathers separate from the smaller secondary feathers and breaks the bone with his hands. A quick cut detaches each wing.

Next, a short cut with the knife removes the head, followed by the tail.

He then begins peeling the skin and feathers away, noting that there may be a little bit of effort removing the odd feather after everything else is finished.

Then, he takes his knife and nicks the thin membrane that covers the entrails at the bottom of the breast. Sticking a couple of fingers into the cavity, he efficiently grabs hold of all of the innards and pulls the guts out. Be sure to save the choice organ meats.

That's it! It's a simple matter of rinsing the inside of the bird and picking off a few stubborn feathers.

Butchering the quail doesn't even require the knife. Everything gets twisted off and removed using just hands.

So, don't waste meat by simply breasting your birds. Surely, you can take a couple minutes to save every piece of meat.

Like what you see here? You can read more great articles by David Smith at his facebook page, Stumpjack Outdoors.

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How to Butcher a Pheasant in Under 2 Minutes