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How to Bring Booze Camping in the Backcountry [PICS]

We all love our backcountry camping trips but we also love drinking alcohol. This is how we can do both without compromising the other. 

Getting out to the middle of nowhere on a backcountry camping trip is something many of us look forward to in the summer months. To really escape and get out to the middle of nowhere means we can’t bring too much to weigh us down. That means heavy beer, wine and alcohol bottles are out of the question.

But you don’t have to have a completely sober backcountry trip. Here are some items to take with you camping in the middle of nowhere this summer to bring along alcohol.

1. Platypus Platy Plus Bottle

Use this packable, light-weight water bottle to put a liter of wine into. Nothing tastes better than a tin cup of red wine after scrambling up cliffs all day.


2. Powdered Beer

These 50 ml packets of beer contain a mix of hops and aromatic malt that you just add carbonated water to.



3. Mini Liquor Bottles

Not a beer or wine drinker? Bring a few of those little airplane liquor bottles that won’t weigh your pack down. Those will warm you right up before you snuggle into your sleeping bag.

Total Beverage

 4. Camelbak Mixed Drink

Pack a Camelbak with your mixed drink of choice. Initially put some ice in the pouch to water it down a tad and keep it cool while you are hiking, then chill it in a nearby stream once you set up camp. A smaller pack can easily be clipped on to your bigger pack.



5. Backcountry Growler

Here’s a way to bring real beer into the backcountry. This light-weight growler holds 64 ounces of beer and keeps it cold for up to 24 hours.



I guess the good thing is that you can’t bring too much alcohol into the backcountry without the extra weight.

Regardless, stay safe and responsible when you bring booze on your camping trips and always pack out what you pack in.

Booze is a sure way to make you a happy camper!

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How to Bring Booze Camping in the Backcountry [PICS]