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How to Be a Fishing Guide: Advice from a Professional

Learning how to be a fishing guide is like any other small business venture where you have to be focused and disciplined to get on the right path.

Watch this advice on how to be a fishing guide from Fishing Hall of Fame Guide Tom Neustrom as he goes into some pro details on how to approach your dream. Like any other career choice you want to go in prepared and with as much knowledge as you can gather.

Let Foley Belsaw Outdoors videos take a few minutes to walk you through Tom Neustrom’s experienced advice and tips.

There you have it some great points to kick-off a pro guiding career. Key is it is no difference than any other small business. You need a grounding in business fundamentals, which totally makes sense, because if you are not turning a small profit after a few months it is really just a hobby. There are a lot of small business service programs, and many are free, so why not tap into subject-matter-experts on the business side and build a sound business plan.

It is always an attractive lure to dream of becoming a fishing guide but every fishing guide I know works extremely hard at their profession and have told me they have seen quite a few people enter guiding, thinking it is going to be a never ending dream vacation, but when they find out it is hard work with long days, they last only one or two seasons.

The final piece of advice guides gave me is apprentice with an established business, while you won’t make a ton of cash you will build up invaluable experience on the water and business aspects before going it alone.



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How to Be a Fishing Guide: Advice from a Professional