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How to Avoid Arrow Deflection This Hunting Season

avoid arrow deflection

Arrow deflection happens to even the most seasoned hunters. Don’t let it happen to you this year.

Whether caused by a tree, a branch, or even a twig, arrow deflection can make you miss that shot you’ve been waiting for all season. Watch this video to pick up some tips on how to avoid arrow deflection this hunting season.

As Sean pointed out, if you’re hunting on public land, you can’t trip shooting lanes, which makes arrow deflection more frequent.

Since the branch was so close, the arrow deflection was unforeseen, as the triangular trajectory was not sufficiently diminished. Had it been farther away, the arrow would have probably cleared the obstruction.

Keep in mind that your sight pins are always above your arrow rest, making the arrow release just below where the sight pins are indicating. Compensate for this next time you hunt, so you don’t suffer a missed hit due to arrow deflection.


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How to Avoid Arrow Deflection This Hunting Season