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How Scouting for Duck Hunting Can Be Done From Home

There's nothing more important to hunting success than preparation.

One of the top things you can do is scout the areas you plan to hunt. I know, that takes time that you don't have. Here's some great pointers on how to do it from home.

Whether you're hunting for ducks or any other animal, these pointers on what to do from the comfort of your own home can make you more successful. Another great point about these tips is that they can be done at any time of day.

Using "smart technology" can be a time saver and make you ore successful. Honestly, it can serve it's best purpose by giving you a more precise idea of where to scout on-foot.

Nothing is more important than getting to know your hunting area in an intimate way by walking it. However, you don't always have that opportunity.

When searching the internet, be sure to use appropriate "key words" for your search. This optimizes your returns and helps you narrow your focus.

Going to Google Earth and other sites can greatly increase your effectiveness and let you know where to concentrate.

These programs will all help you locate water sources, game trails, roads, etc.

Some other sites include: My Topo Map, Earth Explorer (by the US Geological Survey), and any number of state specific sites. Also, don't overlook your county clerk or PVA office for details on landowners, etc.


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How Scouting for Duck Hunting Can Be Done From Home