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This is How One Man Handcrafts Traditional Wooden Boats

Creativity comes in many forms, and it's inspiring to see a person who crafts, creates, objects by hand.

Especially crafts that sail upon the water. Ben Harris has been handcrafting boats from wood since 2005, and his story is sure to touch the soul of all who go out on the water.

Imagine being able to fish from a boat that you created and crafted yourself. Harris built his own boat by hand, along with the other vessels he crafts.

"It's an amazing feeling sailing a boat that you have built with your own hands," says Harris. "There's something quite remarkable about being in a wooden environment at sea, having known the trees that the timbers come from to make that boat. It feels like an extension of your self, in a way. Like it's your second skin that's keeping you safe on the water."

Isn't that what outdoor pursuits should be? An extension of your self?

Harris has taken this a step further than most with the boats he crafts.


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This is How One Man Handcrafts Traditional Wooden Boats