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How My Outdoor TV is Changing the Landscape of Outdoor Entertainment

The new My Outdoor TV website/app has been launched and it may change the game of outdoor entertainment. 

Cable is dying, the secret is out and it has created a pivotal time for entertainment in every aspect. Mega streaming giants like: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have emerged and earned market shares for general entertainment and outdoor entertainment has been following suit for awhile, but My Outdoor TV could be the streaming service that hits home for many users.

What is My Outdoor TV?

MY outdoor tv

In short, its a new outdoor streaming service that has various shows and episodes from the two biggest outdoor entertainment channels, Sportsman and Outdoor Channel. The streaming service includes most shows from the channels. However, most shows only have a season or two that can be up to years old.

Why is this a good thing?

Well, cable and satellite services have swindled customers to purchase heavily priced packages to get the Outdoor Channel or Sportsman Channel. With this new service, you can watch most of your favorite shows for just $9.99 a month.


For many, this could be the final straw to cut cable and subscribe to  streaming services to watch what you want, when you want. This service also allows for users to download a show and watch it later. Streaming services like Netflix haven’t even launched this feature, so kudos to My Outdoor TV for dropping this perk on the launch.

My Outdoor Tv Fishing

Here is a list of the pros and cons below.


  • Cheaper than footing the bill for cable
  • Comes with a magazine subscription (I chose North American Whitetail)
  • Download shows for the go
  • Wide selection of hunting, fishing, shooting, and adventure shows
  • First month subscription for $0.99 (Promo Code: Outdoors)
  • Features both Sportsman and Outdoor Channel Shows


  • Limited seasons and episodes (most are seasons are years old)
  • Doesn’t automatically start the next episode (much more annoying then it sounds)
  • Poses a threat to other great services like Carbon TV
  • Not free like other competitors – Carbon Tv, Hunt Channel, Hunter Vids

Overall, I would suggest My Outdoor TV to any outdoor entertainment enthusiasts or someone who wants to cut the cord with cable and satellite television.  For $9.99, the subscription provides a ton of value with all the selection and included magazine subscription. My Outdoor Tv is great for outdoor entertainment and excited to see the service evolve.

last breath tv
Carbon Tv

I’ll still watch Carbon TV for their great exclusives and selection, but My Outdoor TV could give other free streaming services a run for their money for their low-cost subscription that truly holds a lot of value.



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How My Outdoor TV is Changing the Landscape of Outdoor Entertainment